A quick and easy photo viewer for Social Engine, make it same as Facebook does.

A. Compatibility:

  • Work with Social Engine Album version 4.1.x (included latest version 4.1.8p1)
  • Work nice with almost modern browser like Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer

B. Features:

  • Easy to viewer photo right at the home page by clicking on photo image.
  • Compress Javascript code and intelligent loading help not to delay the speed of your site.
  • Beautiful viewer style same as Facebook.
  • Comment list style is same as Facebook does and quite beautiful.
  • All action are here, mean users can do almost features of album photo on viewer included delete, report, share, make profile photo.
  • Tagging feature is not heavy, I mean our plugin has tagging enabled and do not make the viewer crash, easy to use.
  • Easy navigation and exit. Tired of clicking on button? it makes easy by press nex, previous and exit keyboard to navigate to next photo, previous photo and exit the viewer.
  • Make profile picture comes absolutely.
  • User can choose their profile picture by crop the current photo and set it to their image profile.

C. Note:

  • If you have any problems with this plugin please send us via email support@ceofox.com.
  • Discount 25% for first week to buy this plugin.

D. Demo:

Try our demo here http://se4demo.ceofox.com

E. Releases Log:

* 4.1.2: Big improvement:

  • Improve speed of ePhoto (upto 5 times)
  • Fixed bug cannot view comment on Opera
  • Fixed bug cannot view properly on IE 9

Support Time

Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 6:00PM UTC+07:00

Refund Policy

The refund request is made within 7 days after product(s) purchased.

Product cannot be properly installed on your site. This means that both you and the CEOfox staff(s) are unable to install the product properly on your Site using the FTP, database access and site admin details of your Site.

The errors occurred are not caused by any modifications on our plugin(s).

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